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22 Tracks
Pocket Money
Tough, powerful. Synth phrases and electric guitar riffs on a continuous sequencer and aggressive rhythm.
Determined, resolute. Electric guitar and sax themes in a tough '80s rock tune.
Tough, determined. Aggressive guitars and electronics in a pulsating '80s rock tune.
Tough, determined. Commemorative piano and synth themes on a pulsating vintage rock rhythm.
Dynamic, powerful. Lively rock tune with electric guitars and sax on a pulsating rhythm.
Talk Show
Determined, resolute. Synth and electric guitar in a tough '80s rock tune.
Brain Washing
Adrenaline and power. Sax section, hammond organ and electric guitar play a lively rock tune.
Spot Music
Dynamic, positive. Fast and purposeful action tune on a resolute rhythm.
Black out
Dynamic, intense. Decisive theme by electric guitar over a pulsating rhythm in an adventurous atmosphere.
Open Gate
Positive, purposeful. Theme by synth and hammond organ over a persistent and powerful rhythm.
Dynamic, powerful. Energetic tune with synth, electric guitars and piano on a pulsating rhythm.
Pressing, fast. Adventurous themes by electric guitar and piano on a sequencer line, pad, strings and a jungle rhythm.
Super Bowl
Rhythmic, bright. Exotic and energetic rhythm with vocal effects, synth, piano, hammond organ and flute in a typical funky style.
Positive, dynamic. Bright and elegant dialogue among saxes in a fusion style with guitar and piano background and intense rhythm. At 1'05'' break with a frisky assolo by piano and guitar. Then at 2'25'' the same theme as the beginning.
Strong, assertive. Dialogue by synth and electric guitar in a vintage style with acid riffs and a rhythmic percussive pattern.
full version
Fast, dynamic. On a pulsing rhythm themes by synth and electronics alternate with electric guitar phrases which at 1'56'' performs a solo for about 30''.
Iron Steel
full version
Dynamic, positive. Impact rock with electric guitar theme on electronic background and pressing rhythm. At 1'48'' break with electric guitar solo until 2'54'', then the same theme as the beginning.