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20 Tracks
1. Parallax
Technological and urban atmosphere. Synth, pads and sequencer over a flowing Chillout rhythm.
2. Spectrum
Metropolitan atmosphere. Sparse synth notes and effects over a light pad and a Chillout rhythm.
3. Emission
Disquieting and tense electronic tune with insistent percussion over a psychedelic sequencer and a nebulous pad.
4. Robotics
Danger, fear and tension. A gloomy pad and a psychedelic synth over a disquieting and pressing rhythm.
5. Black Hole
Elegant and delicate tune with a glamorous atmosphere in a Lounge and Chillout style.
6. Production Line
Synth, pads and sequencers over a mechanical piano in a broad tune with a technological atmosphere.
7. Solenoid
Light and sparse synth notes over an involving warm pad in an elegant Lounge tune with a sentimental atmosphere.
8. Thermal Power
Psychedelic and mysterious tune with sparse electronic effects and a disturbing sequencer over a nebulous pad.
9. Automation
Insistent, hypnotic. Synth notes and electronic effects over a pulsating beat with an industrial atmosphere.
10. Marble Quarry
Hypnotic, tense. Synth notes and effects over a fast pulsating rhythm with an urban atmosphere.
11. Environmental Disease
Disquieting, mysterious. Sparse electronic sounds and effects over a nebulous pad with a tense atmosphere.
12. Parsec
Tension and anxiety. Mysterious and ominous tune with disquieting electronic effects, suspended pads and sparse synth notes.
13. Cement Mixer
Hypnotic and psychedelic tune with an iterative rhythm and sparse effects with a disquieting and technological atmosphere.
14. Chimney Stack
Agitated, psychedelic. Hypnotic and disquieting electronic sounds over a gloomy pad with a dark atmosphere.
15. Spillage
Anxiety and mystery. Pads, synth and effects over a pressing beat with a gloomy and tense atmosphere.
16. Nebula
Mysterious, psychedelic. Suspended pads and sparse synth notes with a disquieting and gloomy atmosphere.
17. Rocket
Technological and spatial atmosphere. Sparse synth notes and sequencers over suspended pads.
18. Transport
Psychedelic, mysterious. Insistent and disturbing electronic effects over a hypnotic beat.
19. Helicoidal
Iterative, hypnotic. Synth, effects and cello over mechanical piano chords with a technological atmosphere.
20. Galaxy
Broad and panoramic tune with synth, sequencers, pad and strings in a Vintage arrangement.