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18 Tracks
1. Dice Round
Confident and lively rock tune with a fast beat in a light-hearted atmosphere.
2. Selfie Time
full version
Serene and evocative tune with a fast arpeggiated piano theme over a relaxed and flowing rhythm.
3. Selfie Time
Underscore version.
5. Seven Days
full version
Delicate and graceful tune with an elegant piano arpeggio in a childish and homey atmosphere.
6. Seven Days
Underscore version.
7. Hot Dogs
Optimistic and positive rock tune with a carefree and playful atmosphere.
8. Swirls
full version
Fairy-like and dreamy atmosphere. Virtuosic piano arpeggios over a sparse sequencer and a slow rhythm.
9. Swirls
Underscore version.
10. Paillettes
Lively and bright rock tune with a captivating and fun-loving atmosphere.
11. Play to Learn
Light-hearted and fun-loving tune with a fast rhythm in a playful and childish atmosphere.
12. After School
Lively and light-hearted rock tune with a carefree atmosphere and a flowing rhythm.
13. Shiny Shadows
full version
Melancholic and evocative tune with piano arpeggios and phrases, a sparse sequencer and an aerial pad over a moderate Chillout rhythm.
14. Shiny Shadows
Underscore version.
16. Game of Faces
full version
Positive and optimistic theme by piano in a serene and homey atmosphere.
17. Game of Faces
Underscore version.
18. Wall Carpet
Descriptive and flowing tune in a Pop-Rock style. Evocative moments alternated with more positive and dynamic grooves.