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22 Tracks
1. Ageless
Positive and optimistic tune for leisure time with a playful and carefree atmosphere.
2. Truant
Sophisticated and elegant tune with a flowing rhythm in Chillout-Funky style. Glamorous and cool atmosphere.
3. Vacation
Positive and carefree tune with a flowing Chillout-Funky rhythm. Childish, serene and playful atmosphere.
4. Idle Sunday
Positive and brilliant tune in a Chillout style with an elegant and glamorous atmosphere.
5. Chili Pepper
Light-hearted and fun-loving tune with an exotic rhythm in a playful and childish atmosphere.
6. April
Evocative and elegant tune. Delicate piano phrases over warm guitar arpeggios in a Lounge-Chillout style with a sentimental atmosphere.
7. Brightness
full version
Childish and sweet tune, similar to a nursery-rhyme, with a childish and playful atmosphere and a folk-pop flavour.
8. Brightness
light version
Lighter, acoustic version without rhythm.
9. Regeneration
Positive and optimistic tune with a flowing Chillout rhythm, suitable for leisure time.
10. East River
Charming, elegant. Refined and cool tune in a Chillout-Lounge style with a metropolitan atmosphere.
11. Daytime
Sophisticated and cool tune in a contamination of Lounge, Chillout and Funky styles with a metropolitan atmosphere.
12. Natural Land
full version
Panoramic and tranquil tune, suitable for leisure and travel time with an optimistic, countryside atmosphere.
13. Natural Land
light version
Lighter version without rhythm.
14. Wish
Wide and panoramic tune in a bucolic atmosphere, suitable for nature, countryside and travels.
15. Neatness
Elegant and flowing Funky-Fusion tune with a descriptive and carefree atmosphere.
16. Lovely Gems
Delicate and tender tune suitable for nature and countryside with a homey and relaxing atmosphere.
17. Clearing
Descriptive and tranquil tune with a bucolic, homey and childish atmosphere. Suitable for leisure time, countryside and nature.
19. Lavender
Elegant, fascinating. Sophisticated sounds in a Chillout and Lounge style with a glamorous atmosphere.
20. Melt
full version
Flowing and positive tune with a homey and carefree atmosphere, suitable for leisure time, countryside and travels.
22. Countryside
Flowing and relaxing tune with a bucolic and carefree atmosphere, suitable for leisure time, countryside and nature.