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18 Tracks
1. Pumpkins Night
full version
Orchestral tune with a caricaturish and fairy-like atmosphere in a Fantasy style.
2. Pumpkins Night
light version
Lighter version without rhythm.
3. Witches
full version
Orchestral waltz with a melancholic theme by strings in a Fantasy style, with an added pinch of humour.
5. Manor Waltz
full version
Childish and delicate waltz. Themes by celesta, strings, piano and bassoon with a Fantasy and fairy-like atmosphere.
7. Dead Men Army
full version
Pressing and tense orchestral March. Evocative and mysterious phrases by theremin alternated with accented strings over a martial rhythm. Fantasy and fairy-like atmosphere.
9. Stranger Monsters
full version
Tense and disquieting tune with a metropolitan atmosphere. Electronics and guitar over a pulsating Chillout rhythm.
13. Devil Mask
Psychedelic and disquieting tune in a Chillout and Hip Hop style with an urban atmosphere.
14. Haunted House
Tension and suspense. Detective and furtive tune with a caricature-like atmosphere in a Chillout style.
18. Carous-Hell
Fast and pressing tune with an upbeat rhythm in a humorous and caricature-like atmosphere.