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18 Tracks
2. The per Tre
Elegant and delicate Jazz tune in a '70s Jazz Waltz style with a sentimental atmosphere. Theme by alto flute and flute.
3. Easy One
Cool and flowing tune with a '70s Beat style arrangement. Theme and improvisation by flutes. At 1'19'' flute solo with vocal effects.
5. Dionne Dreams
Delicate and sentimental Bossanova with a '70s Jazz arrangement. Theme and improvisation by flutes over a light Latin rhythm.
8. Daphne
Elegant and refined tune in a '70s Fusion-Jazz arrangement. Soprano Sax, trumpet and flute over a light rhythm with a glamorous and sentimental atmosphere.
9. Efeso
Lively tune in a '70s Funky-Fusion style. Synth, flutes, guitars and brass over a fast rhythm. Metropolitan atmosphere.
10. Dioniso
Sentimental and romantic Ballad in a '70s Pop-Fusion style. Brass, synth and keyboards over a warm pad and a light rhythm.
11. Brillante
Lively tune in a '70s Funky-Fusion style. Synth, piano, sequencers and guitars over a fast rhythm. At 0'58'' virtuosic solo by piano in a Jazz-Fusion style.
12. Ossidiana
Expressive '70s Pop tune by piano with strings accompaniment over a fast rhythm. Sentimental and romantic atmosphere.
14. Ematite
Evocative and sentimental tune in a '70s Funky-Fusion style. Piano and strings over a fast rhythm with a metropolitan atmosphere.
16. Amabel
Elegant orchestral tune in a '70s style with a cinematic atmosphere. At 1'07'' piano and flute theme and improvisation over a Latin rhythm.
17. Toujours do fa
Lively and positive '70s Jazz tune. First part with brass and piano, then at 0'42'' refined solos by guitar and flute over a swinging rhythm.