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22 Tracks
1. Past and Future
full version
Majestic, adventurous. Epic and commemorative tune with a World flavour in a Soundtrack style. Broad and cinematic atmosphere.
3. Past and Future
no choir-percussion
Version without Choir and rhythm.
4. Handmaids of God
full version
Sacred, adventurous, epic. Mystical and melancholic female voices over a steady rhythm in a religious and historical atmosphere.
6. Miserere Mei
full version
Adventurous, epic. Mysterious and mystical Choir phrases over a disquieting and tense rhythm by piano and percussion.
8. Jubilate
full version
Broad, cinematic and commemorative orchestral tune. Epic phrases by Choir and orchestra over intense percussion.
10. Devotees
full version
Epic and commemorative orchestral tune with a fast and intense rhythm, suitable for adventure, history, religion and war.
12. Fraternity
full version
Epic and adventurous orchestral tune with phrases by Choir in a Soundtrack style over a flowing rhythm with broad chords by strings. Cinematic and commemorative atmosphere.
14. Grail Search
full version
Dreamy, elegant and fascinating tune. An ethereal female voice and a delicate piano over a flowing but intense rhythm in a Chillout style.
16. Theocracy
full version
Pressing and tense orchestral tune. Choir, strings, brass and insistent percussion in an adventurous and epic atmosphere.
18. Halleluja
full version
Adventure and action in a broad and cinematic orchestral tune over a fast and pressing rhythm. Sacred and mystical Choir at the beginning.
20. Fearless
full version
Mysterious and tense orchestral tune with intense and commemorative phrases by Choir over staccato strings.
22. Angels
Delicate, peaceful. Evocative female Choir over a light rhythm with a mystical and sentimental atmosphere.