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20 Tracks
2. Awkward
Melancholic and desolate orchestral tune with a dramatic atmosphere. Feelings of solitude and sadness.
3. Alienation
Pressing, insistent. Tense and dramatic orchestral tune with a pulsating rhythm. Epic and solemn atmosphere.
4. Derangement
Steady, epic. Orchestral tune with staccato strings phrases over a persistent rhythm. Furtive and detective-like atmosphere.
5. Human Dramas
Desolate, intimate. Dramatic tune with an electric piano theme over a gloomy pad and a steady rhythm. Urban atmosphere.
7. Rejected Droid
Loneliness and despair. Melancholic and desolate pad with sparse cymbal effects in a dramatic context.
8. Poverty
Intimate and nostalgic tune. Sad and emotional themes by viola and accordion over a steady and moderate rhythm. Folk-Pop atmosphere.
11. Slum Dweller
Evocative and sad themes by piano and cello over a persistent and pressing strings rhythm. Dramatic and gloomy atmosphere.
12. Pushers
Anxiety and tension. Orchestral tune with dissonant themes over a pressing staccato strings rhythm. Dramatic and ominous atmosphere.
15. Collapsing
Dramatic and melancholic atmosphere. Despair, tension and sadness in a gloomy orchestral tune.