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14 Tracks
1. Open Night
Airy, but intense. Wide spaces travelled at a fast pace, underpinned by a driving drum beat. Bold melodies are laid down by guitar and keyboard, while a male choir inspires further exploration.
2. Season
Flute, guitar and keyboard play melodies over a background of electronics and percussion. Brisk, assertive track with a dreamy touch.
3. Route of Life
A sparse intro and outro frame alternating guitar and synth phrases. Over a medium tempo rhythm, melodies recall Western and Latin atmospheres. At 2’39”, a short rhythmic interlude with guitar solo.
5. Crossover
World track with a dreamy and floating atmosphere. Tribal vocals with synth, marimba and guitar, over a moderately-paced percussive rhythm.
6. Atlantis
Adventurous, reaching for outer space. Electronic riffs over a pressing rhythm creating an epic atmosphere.
7. The Angle Line
Reflective and calm mood. After a brief percussion intro and some modified voices, the track settles into a moderately-paced ambient-chillout groove, with synths playing a leading role.
8. Breathing
Intro reminiscent of an 80s sound with synths in the foreground. Moderately-paced , the mood is hypnotic, with interspersed choirs and other vocalizations alternating with guitars and synths. Broad and airy atmosphere.
9. Golden Coast
Phrases by flute, accordion and guitar over a flowing and assertive rhythm, recalling tropical, Latin and marine settings.
10. Sailing School
Positive and resolute Fusion-style track. Wide spaces and motivating guitars. From 2’21’’, a brief rhythmic interlude with an agitated guitar riff.
11. Adventure
Calm, intriguing mood with meditative moments. The melody is played by synth and guitar over pads and percussion background.
12. Black Mountain
Adventurous and explorative. Folk-style themes are played by the ethnic-flute, guitars and other mediterranean string instruments. Fast and hectic pace. World track for multiple settings.
13. Overflying
Cautious, explorative, positive. The lead guitar spices up this medium tempo World track. Dreamlike atmosphere.
14. Magic Cruise
Flute and male voices are highlighted in this World-Fusion track. An elegant rhythmic background merges with the guitar to create an epic atmosphere with African tinges.