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20 Tracks
1. Pulsar
full version
A few high-pitched notes in a loop over a beating rhythm recall pulsating lights and sounds, monitors, electronic devices. Intense, technological.
3. Logical Code
full version
A sequencer's muffled loops and airy atmospheres created by synths. Broad, intense.
5. Ecosystem
full version
Serene, smooth. Electro-ambience track, for artificial and naturalistic visions.
7. Sonar
full version
Ethnic-style intro, with percussion and a few notes. Mood of suspence and evasion. Slow tempo. From 1’51’’ to 2’14’’: obsessive, hypnotic loop. From 2’22’’: melodic development.
9. Startup
full version
Serene, evocative. Alternating loops of sequencers and synths on a steady beating drum. Suggestions of Space.
11. Millibar
full version
Electronic ambient track, with a hint of lounge.
13. Innovation
full version
Playful, dreamy. Airy electronic track with a positive mood. For human and environmental settings.
15. Control Room
full version
Focus and productivity. Electronic track in an assertive, motivational mood. Synth solo and loops over a prominent rhythm.
16. Control Room
no rhythm
Version without rhythm.
17. My App
full version
An electronic texture with chillout influences. Dark and pensive track. Futuristic settings.
19. Invention
full version
On-the-go and positive. Electronic, motivational loops. Easy-going tempo. Suitable for: productivity, innovation, technology, industry.