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20 Tracks
1. Prelude de la Poupee
French baroque style prelude. Intimate and dreamy track. Airy, positive, soothing.
2. Allemande du Narcisse
French baroque style allemande. Dance in 4/4 time with a solemn mood.
9. Chaconne de Fer
French baroque style chaconne. Variations in crescendo over a repeated bass line.
11. Monferrina
Classical Italian monferrina dance. Simple melody with a touch of melancholy and senile resignation.
12. Valzerino Boliviano
Latin American, romantic-style waltz. A nostalgic mood set in an atmosphere of simplicity.
13. Tranquillo
Regular and easy-going, positive, major key. The melody wanders into different keys yet maintains the same atmosphere
14. Sostenuto con espressione
Triple time track with a melancholic mood. Vaguely Parisian early ’900s atmosphere. Dreamy, simple and slightly impassioned.
15. Rimpianto lieve
Stable atmosphere, with regret and melancholy evolving into a segment in major that inspires hope.
16. Lontananze
Moderate pace. An expressive and deeply-felt theme in mid to low range, accompanied by smooth and expressive arpeggios.
17. Sfumature
Slow and desolate. The track gradually shifts into more agitated and slightly desperate segments, and later returns to desolation.
18. Una serata
Ambivalent track with two opposing sections: optimism versus preoccupation. Nevertheless, after the storm comes the sun.
19. Pettegolezzi
Nervous and grotesque. Manneristic and a little obsessive. Lively arpeggios.
20. Intimamente
Intimate track characterized by quick and light slurs. Delicate and comfortable ending.