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20 Tracks
1. Flowers and Honey
main version
French baroque style prelude. Intimate and dreamy track. Airy, positive, soothing.
2. Flowers and Honey
with strings
Version with strings playing staccato triplets.
3. My Talking Eyes
main version
Dreamy, intimate, contemplative. Expressive and ethereal melodies played by the flute over steadily repeating acoustic guitar chords. Atmosphere is enchanted and romantic.
4. My Talking Eyes
with cymbals
Version with sparse cymbals, creating a magical and dreamy mood.
5. Run Slowly
Serene, delicate. Sweet and gentle flute theme over accompanying guitar arpeggios. Mood is dreamy and fairy-like.
6. Crystalline
main version
Nature and pristine environments. Delicate and relaxing track conjuring an idyllic atmosphere. Slow guitar strumming in the background.
7. Crystalline
with pad
Version with smooth and ethereal pads in background.
8. Offering
Intimate, dreamy, evocative. Melancholic theme played by the flute against solemn guitar arpeggios.
9. Arabic
main version
Contemplative track with a Middle Eastern atmosphere. Intense and intimate dialogue between flute and acoustic guitar. Fast paced.
10. Arabic
with percussion
Alternate version with accompaniment by ethnic percussion, conveying the feeling of World Music.
11. Wet Wit
Poetic, expressive. The flute plays dreamy and endearing themes against guitar chords and arpeggios. Mood is romantic and sentimental. Slow paced.
12. Foliage
main version
Elegant, delicate. Expressive and dreamy phrases played by flute. Acoustic guitar in background. Poetic and contemplative atmosphere.
13. Foliage
with pad
Version with sparse pads that enhance the dreamy, romantic and evocative atmosphere.
14. Blowly
Easy-going and positive track for flute and guitar. Country-style, with a rhapsodic development. Flowing Rhythm.
15. Almost a Cry
main version
Feelings, emotions and memories are magically evoked in this melancholic and contemplative track for flute and acoustic guitar. Deep and intimate.
16. Almost a Cry
with pad
Version with ethereal pads in the background.
17. Spring Drops
Bucolic, pastoral. Serene and delicate track with a dense dialogue between flute and guitar. Magical and dreamy atmosphere, evocative of nature's beauty.
18. Nuclear Heart
main version
Evocative, pastoral, searching. Contemplative phrases played by the flute with guitar arpeggios as accompaniment. Mood is dreamy but melancholic.
19. Nuclear Heart
with percussion
Version with sparse percussion that enriches and enhances the dreamy and sentimental mood of the track.
20. Romantic Dance
Serene, elegant, mellow. Sentimental flute phrases with a delicate accompaniment by acoustic guitar. Idyllic and romantic atmosphere.