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20 Tracks
1. Perdido
Danceable and elegant tango played by accordion, guitar and violin. The atmosphere is passionate, but with some light-hearted interludes.
2. Pasion Tango
Passion and sentiment evoked by an intense and expressive tango, with accordion, guitar and violin.
3. Milo de milagros
Melancholic, sentimental. Romantic and passionate milonga where memories emerge with heart-rending nostalgia.
4. Tango caliente
Intense and passionate tango played by accordion, violin and guitar. Warm and sensual atmosphere.
5. Tango de hoje
Intriguing, seductive. An interesting contamination between folk-music and modern jazz in a peculiar tango. Accordion, piano and soprano sax accompanied by drums and bass.
7. Rosita
Romantic and poignant tango. Melancholic and sentimental themes for accordion, violin and guitar. Intro and outro are calm and intimate, while middle section is more lively.
8. Kaos Tango
Intense and agitated tango for accordion, piano and violin. The persistent drums in the background add a restless, chaotic, and sometimes epic, character to the track.
9. Tango nero
Tense and dramatic tango for accordion and piano, with a pressing accompaniment by drums and strings.
10. Tanguedia
A variegated tango with an intense and urgent mood. From 1’04’’ to 1’36’’ and from 2’32’’ to 3’04’’, the music becomes more sentimental and expressive, with a romantic atmosphere.
11. Virtango
Virtuosic tango with phrases played by accordion and violin over piano accompaniment and a background of percussive effects. Determined and intense.
12. Calle Florida
Accordion, piano and double bass in a bright and lively tango with a cheerful and playful mood.
13. Astortango
Track full of intriguing contaminations of music styles ranging from tango to fusion to modern jazz. Mood is a mixture of passion and torment. Inspired by the style of Astor Piazzolla.
14. Opera Tango
Intense, lyrical and expressive track with broad sentimental phrases by accordion over piano and string accompaniment. Marked by a steady rhythm.
15. Como una Milonga
Moderate, passionate and elegant milonga. Romantic with a touch of melancholy.
16. Petit Tango
Moderately-toned tango with an evocative and carefree atmosphere. Reminiscent of the Belle Epoque.
17. Tango por tres
Intense, expressive, elegant. The accordion, accompanied by the piano, plays a melancholic and sentimental theme over a triplet rhythm.
18. Epoque Tango
A virtuoso accordion, accompanied by strings and piano, plays a passionate and sentimental tango. Atmosphere is romantic and in a Belle Epoque style.
19. Tango triste
Sentimental and inspired. The passionate theme played by the accordion creates a romantic and melancholic atmosphere. Slow pace.
20. Noche encantada
Elegant and expressive tango for accordion, piano and strings. Romantic and passionate atmosphere. Perfect for falling in love.