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20 Tracks
1. Regrets
Melancholic and evocative orchestral track. Main themes played by clarinet and oboe with accompaniment by strings and harp. Heartfelt and profound.
2. Piazza Navona
main version
Nostalgic and intimate track with themes played by oboe and flute over an orchestral arrangement.
3. Piazza Navona
violin theme
Version with theme played by the violin
4. Inquisitione
full version
Tension, suspense and action. Orchestral piece with an agitated accompaniment by classical guitar. Atmosphere is dramatic and dark.
5. Inquisitione
solo strings
Strings-only version. No guitar accompaniment.
6. Le Arti
Expressive and contemplative track with a soft introduction by classical guitar. At 0'56'', evocative and melancholic development played by English horn, spinet and strings.
7. Masaniello
Orchestral track with a dark and tense atmosphere. Its character is historical and dramatic.
9. Raffaello
full version
Sentimental, expressive and hopeful piece for cello with classical guitar accompaniment.
12. Sarabanda moresca
Mysterious, static. Sparse and evocative flutes and trumpet on persistent lute chords with a tense atmosphere.
13. Bolero antico
Regal yet ironic character. A track for strings, flute and tambourine over a bolero rhythm. Spanish atmosphere.
14. Concitato
Pressing, ominous. Agitated themes played by a string quartet with a pulsating and repetitive rhythm.
15. Portuguesa
Ceremonial and solemn theme by strings in a Baroque style. Mood is serious and tense.
16. A trois
Melancholic contrapuntal themes played by strings, flute and spinet in Chamber Music style.
17. Incessante
Pressing, anxious. Repetitive strings ostinato in an ominous and agitated atmosphere. The entrance of the brass section at 1'44'' conveys a more epic quality.
18. Moresca
Evocative, sacred. Contemplative theme by strings and oboe. A vague Middle Eastern style and a melancholic tone create a mood of mystery and secrecy.
20. Quattro Archi
Contemplative, intimate. Sentimental and melancholic theme played by a string quartet. Memories and ruins of the past.