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16 Tracks
1. Fearless Hearts
Orchestral track. Adventurous and epic with a solemn and majestic tone. Cinematic atmosphere. With choir.
2. Insurrection
full version
Orchestral track with an epic-warlike atmosphere. Steady, almost martial pace with a sense of increasing tension. With choir.
5. Entrapment
Track with a tense atmosphere. Pulsing rhythm. Some segments have a more epic and explorative tone.
6. Skyline
Wide and panoramic track, but with an urban mood and ‘90s style arrangement. An epic and adventurous atmosphere alternates with underground segments.
7. Tornado
full version
Hectic, tensive, adventurous. A fast-paced and action-packed track with an increasingly tense mood.
11. Revenge
Adventure, action, mystery. Track with a pressing, tensive atmosphere and dark investigative nuances.
12. Long Exile
Wide and evocative track with a nostalgic atmosphere. At 1’55’’, a tensive strings accompaniment adds a more epic and dramatic tone.
14. Wild East
full version
Panoramic and evocative, with ethnic flute melodies played in a World Music style. At 1’18’’ and 2’36’’, the strings add a more majestic tone and a sense of adventure, discovery and conquest.