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24 Tracks
1. Medical Team
main version
Chillout and ambient track with a moderate pace. Electronic sounds build a scientific and technologic atmosphere. Insistent and steady rhythm.
2. Medical Team
alternate version
Version with a more elaborate rhythm.
3. Rehabilitation
full version
Aerial, chaotic, from space. Electro-ambient track with psychedelic and kaleidoscopic sounds sweetened by the piano.
4. Rehabilitation
no rhythm
Version without rhythm. Very relaxing and Zen-like.
5. Prophylaxis
full version
Positive, dynamic. A sense of research and achievement takes shape in this track with a pulsing and fast rhythm.
8. Flu Shot
full version
Tensive, dark. Menacing and ominous background with sparse incursions of synth and sequencer over a light rhythm.
10. Ward
full version
Celebratory, light, aerial. Expansive track with synth incursions over a continuous sequencer and a warm entrancing pad.
12. Vaccine
Scientific and technological atmosphere. Mechanical pace with slightly tensive phrases played by the synth over sequencer and pad. Chillout rhythm.
13. Treatment
full version
Scientific and descriptive. Rarified and chaotic atmosphere. Isolated phrases played by the synth over a fluctuating sequencer. Chillout rhythm stating at 1’40''.
15. Disinfection
full version
Tech and science in this electro-ambient track with a Chillout sound. Synth phrases over a floating sequencer, a mysterious pad and a steady rhythm.
16. Disinfection
no rhythm
Version without rhythm
18. Test Tube
full version
Mysterious, scientific. Rarified and enveloping phrases played by the synth, building a fascinating, kaleidoscopic (yet dark) atmosphere.
20. Quarantine
full version
Track with a contemplative, scientific and technological atmosphere in Ambient-Chillout style. Synth and electric piano over a continuous and insistent sequencer.
22. Examination
full version
Scientific research and technology in a suspended and mysterious track with disquieting segments.
24. Resuscitation
Suspended and panoramic background with a muffled pad, over which synth and sequencer develop scattered psychedelic phrases. Feeling of elevation and levitation.