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18 Tracks
1. Sunday Morning
full version
Carefree and light track. The mood is perfect for free time in a naturalistic and homey context.
3. Peace in my Mind
full version
Introspective, intimate, nostalgic. Moderate ballad with an evocative and contemplative atmosphere.
5. Summer Camp
full version
Lively and positive track in Country style. Atmosphere is fun and optimistic.
7. Innocence
full version
Nostalgic and contemplative track. Atmosphere ranges from the bucolic to the sentimental.
9. Growing Feelings
full version
Sentimental, romantic, vaguely nostalgic. A track to reminisce by, cradled by a soft and steady rhythm.
11. Lying on the Sand
full version
Track suited for happy and carefree moments with our loved ones. Atmosphere is warm and sweet.
13. Forever Love
full version
Soft and intimate. Serene and relaxed ballad with a sentimental atmosphere.
15. Wonders of Nature
full version
Warm and cozy track. Atmosphere is relaxed and romantic.
17. Green Fields
full version
Relaxed and carefree ballad with arpeggiating guitar chords over a light rhythm. Atmosphere is homey and bucolic.