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20 Tracks
1. Cactus
main version
Flowing tune in a Pop-Chillout style with funky influences and a lively pace.
2. Cactus
alternate version
Alternate version in an Ambient style with a repetitive and steady rhythm, a warm bass guitar and an electric guitar creating an intriguing atmosphere.
3. Dragonfly
Chic, mellow. House-Lounge style track with electric guitar playing in the foreground and creating a sophisticated and sensual mood.
5. Losing Control
Serene, moderate pace. Lounge track with a compelling rhythm and a captivating sound that creates a laid-back and positive atmosphere.
6. Rose
main version
Intimate, sweet. Ambient-Lounge track with a relaxed pace and a serene and sunny atmosphere. Arpeggios played by the electric guitar over a steady and pulsating heartbeat rhythm.
7. Rose
alternate version
Warm, deep. An elegant Ambient-Lounge track where the electric guitars and the synths interact with each other over a dynamic and assertive rhythm.
8. Peony
main version
Soft, determined. Lounge track with and intriguing atmosphere.
9. Peony
alternate version
Mysterious, abstract. Ambient track with melodies played by electric guitar, with an atmosphere of suspense.
10. Aloe
Sentimental, peaceful. Ambient-jazz track with a guitar solo that creates a contemplative atmosphere.
11. Basil
Relaxed, sensual, with a slightly melancholic touch. Soft-rock track with a soothing guitar sound.
13. Dandelion
alternate version
Psychedelic, deep. Ambient track with percussion in the foreground and a muffled sound. Mysterious and disquieting atmosphere.
14. Lemon
Evocative, abstract. Electronic track with an iterative rhythm and continuous hypnotic incursions of the electric guitar. Alienating atmosphere.
15. Silene
Track in Bossa Nova style with a relaxed and playful mood. At 0'32'' and 1'20" two brief intermissions with a more cautious mood and a vaguely Arabic sound.
16. Chamomile
Energetic and positive. Elegant track with Lounge influences. The electric guitar instills a resolute state of mind.
17. Petal
main version
Introspective, romantic. Ambient-Lounge track with a slow and rocking pace, with incursions of a soulful and passionate electric guitar and space-like effects.
18. Petal
alternate version
Powerful, intense. House-Electronic track with a fast and persistent rhythm and futuristic effects. The electric guitar in the foreground alternates between a determined mood and a more hesitant and suspenseful mood.
19. Calathea
Wide, abstract. Reggae-Dub track with guitar and effects creating an uncertain and introspective atmosphere.
20. Kentia
Frisky, original. Latin-Lounge style track with a quirky and playful electronic background.