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18 Tracks
2. Geyser
full version
Positive and determined tune with a technological mood and a commemorative atmosphere.
4. Midnight Sun
full version
Sentimental, evocative and intimate tune with a slightly melancholic and contemplative atmosphere.
6. Northern Lights
full version
Positive, purposeful, dynamic. This tune, with its feeling of movement, is particularly suited to technology, science and the environment.
8. Aurora Borealis
full version
Broad, commemorative and positive tune with a space and science oriented atmosphere.
11. Arctic Fox
main version
Delicate, contemplative and relaxing tune with a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere.
13. Pack Ice
full version
Positive and purposeful tune with a panoramic and airy atmosphere, enhanced by a continuous and pulsating rhythm which gives a sense of movement.
16. Moorland
static version
More static and ethereal version with a dreamy a contemplative atmosphere.