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14 Tracks
11. Danger Zone
full version
Adventurous, anxious. Dynamic moments with world rhythm, strings tremolos and choir alternate with more static moments with ethnic flute phrases, choir clusters and strings triplets.
12. Danger Zone
no choir
No choir version.
13. Danger Zone
no percussion
No percussion version.
14. Tank
Pressing, anxious. Dynamic moments with strings ostinato on intense orchestral background and drum rhythm alternate with more static moments with non-thematic and tense strings chords on marimba tremolos.
15. Invasion
full version
Anxious, pressing and wide theme by orchestra with ostinato strings triplets and short brass staccatos.
16. Invasion
light version
No strings triplets version.
17. Disease
Disquieting, mysterious, animato. Non-thematic texture with strings fast phrases background. Wind instruments, rarefied piano and kettledrum rolls in a progressive crescendo.
18. Phantoms
full version
Mysterious, anxious. Rarefied prepared piano expressions and woodwinds phrases on an anxious strings tremolo. At 0'25'' starts a progressive sequencer crescendo.
19. Phantoms
no sequencer
No sequencer version.
20. Phantoms
no sequencer-tremolo
No sequencer and strings triplets version.
21. Trench
Anxious, disquieting. Choir theme with dramatic violins harmonies, woodwinds and kettledrum rolls on a strings ostinato. At 1'07'' majestic French horn accents. At 1'34'' the starting choir theme is doubled by strings.
22. Nightmare
full version
Gloomy, dramatic. Melting chant by ethnic voice on sinister strings harmonies with thematic trumpet answers at 1'10''. Rarefied percussion rolls.
23. Nightmare
no vox
No voice version
24. Nightmare
no vox-percussion
No voice and kettledrum version.