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22 Tracks
1. Across the Sea
full version
Positive, serene. Piano theme with rarefied saz answers on guitar arpeggios, pulsing sequencer and light rhythm. At 1'04'' wider with evocative duduk theme on strings harmonies. At 2'08'' same structure as the beginning with piano, saz and sequencer.
3. Other Cities
full version
Evocative, ethereal. Dreamy themes by shakuachi and piano on a light rhythm in lounge style, guitar harmonics, piano and pad jazzy chords. At 1'22'' elegant trumpet theme.
5. Beyond
full version
Dreamy, evocative. Quiet and suspended intro with guitar arpeggios and piano theme. At 0'27'' starts a light rhythm and at 0'54'' becomes wider with a more intense rhythm, duduk theme and strings harmonies and ostinato. At 1'42'' quiet again with thematic dialogues by guitar, piano and duduk.
7. World People
full version
Panoramic, exotic. Low whistle and duduk theme on a light waving rhythm, strings pizzicatos, harp and violin harmonies. At 1'00'' becomes wider with a sweet santur melody at 1'29''. At 1'56'' again the same structure as the beginning.
8. World People
no drum version
No strings pizzicatos, orchestral harmonies and rhythm version.
9. Interrail
full version
Dynamic, on the move. First part with elegant shakuachi phrases on pad and light rhythm, then at 1'00'' evocative shakuachi theme on country guitar arpeggios.
11. Celtic Morning
full version
Relaxing, serene. Panflute and koto theme on a rhythmic background in Celtic style. At 2'03'' more intense with piano improvisations on pad background, then at 2'44'' same structure as the beginning.
13. Flying Dreams
full version
Light, ethereal, dreamy. After a short intro by piano, evocative Moroccan pipes and shakuachi themes on a soft rhythm, piano arpeggios and wide strings harmonies. At 1'15'' wider shakuachi theme. At 1'32'' guitar arpeggios, with theme reprise by piano.
15. Horse Riding
full version
Positive, serene. Violin theme with shakuachi answers on a continuous rhythm and country guitar arpeggio. At 0'52'' becomes mosso with strings ostinato and at 1'18'' dense with intense rhythm and strings harmonies. Then violin and shakuachi theme again as the beginning.
17. Whisper
full version
Light, ethereal, dreamy. Suspended piano intro and then, at 0'33'', theme by saz on a light rhythm. At 0'49'' more intense rhythm and at 1'41'' fender and piano theme on a guitar background. At 2'34'' again the same theme and structure as the beginning.
19. Heights
full version
Epic piece with a wide orchestral structure. Horn themes with woodwinds answers on strings and light rhythm, then at 0'58'' becomes wider and pressing with violin tremolos on a more intense rhythm and strings ostinato.
21. Secret Place
full version
Dreamy, ethereal, light. Sweet piano theme with evocative bamboo flute phrases on harp and light rhythm. At 1'10'' theme reprise by guitar. At 1'40'' flute and piano theme until the end on strings background.