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18 Tracks
1. Format
Electro-funky atmosphere in a vintage style. On a strong rhythm synth phrases and electronics alternate to lighter moments with soft pad.
2. Layers
Slightly pressing. Guitar, synth, sequencer and rarefied piano on a pulsing rhythm. At 1'50'' break with strings phrases and dense rhythm.
3. Renewal
Evocative, quiet. Wide and serene theme by plectrum on fender arpeggios and waving rhythm. At 2'10'' break with strings harmonies and sequencer lines. Then at 2'35'' theme reprise as the beginning.
4. Fades
Dynamic, energetic. Electronic sound with guitar phrases and synth theme on continuous sequencer and pulsing rhythm that becomes stronger at 1'26''.
5. Resource
Vintage atmosphere with electronic arrangement in '80 style. Phrases by sequencer, synth and strings on a fast rhythm and changing pad.
6. Quizmaster
full version
Electro-pop atmosphere. Electronic voices and rarefied piano phrases on changing pad, sequencer and chillout rhythm.
8. Spotlight
Quiet, serene. Sweet and evocative guitar theme on a refined Latin-fusion arrangement. At 1'28'' second theme by piano on stronger pad harmonies. At 2'20'' more intense rhythm.
9. Doubt
Disquieting, anxious. Electro-funky sound with various sequencer and a pressing electronic rhythm on strings harmonies.
10. Attempt
Chillout rhythm and electronic atmosphere. At 1'24'' epic theme performed by French horns on ethereal pad and strong rhythm. At 1'48'' strings harmonies on a more intense rhythm.
12. Working out
Positive, celebrative. Dynamic tune with serene theme performed by guitar on sequencer, pad, synth and chillout rhythm. Lighter sound alternate with more dynamic moments.
13. Ineffable
Evocative, dreamy. Rarefied piano phrases on sequencer, ethereal pad and a soft chillout rhythm.
14. Firmament
Disquieting, pressing. Electronic sound, changing pad, synth phrases and sequencer on a rhythm which alternates static and dynamic moments.
15. Indies Wave
Commemorative, serene. Modern sound and world atmosphere on a rarefied sequencer, pad and a pressing rhythm.
16. Wait
Suspended. Sax phrases and electric guitar lines with light electronic effects on ethereal pad and chillout rhythm.
17. Idleness
Evocative, light. Ethereal intro with trumpet and piano theme a soft rhythm, sequencer and pad. At 1'21'', on a chillout rhythm, refined piano theme with guitar answer at 1'53''.
18. Interest
Light, on the move. Guitar phrases on changing electronic rhythm, suspended pad and synth effects.