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26 Tracks
1. Love Steps
Refined and elegant ballade for tenor sax soloist. At 1'22'' second tenor sax, then the two saxophones dialogue until the end.
2. Saxrajevo
full version
Pressing, slightly tensive. After an initial improvisation, theme by saxophones in balkan style on a pulsing sequencer.
3. Saxrajevo
sax duo version
Two saxophones version without intro.
4. Dark Street
full version
Psychological, suspended. Evocative and slightly tensive theme by soprano sax on an ethereal changing pad.
5. Dark Street
solo sax version
Solo soprano sax version.
6. Cool Train
Intense, metropolitan. Theme for two saxophones in a Modal Jazz style.
7. Four Friends
full version
Elegant harmonized theme for four saxophones with solos and improvisations.
8. Four Friends
solo sax version
Solo tenor sax version.
9. Sad Song
full version
Refined ballade with a deep theme by tenor sax and double bass background.
10. Sad Song
solo sax version
Solo tenor sax version.
11. Jamboree
Happy, serene. Joyful theme for two tenor saxophones with a rhythm in latin style.
12. St. John
full version
Happy dynamic. Brilliant theme and agile improvisations for sax soprano and three tenor saxes on a rhythm by shaker.
13. St. John
no shaker version
No shaker version.
14. Sax Solitude
Deep and evocative theme for tenor sax. At 1'48'' ethereal pedal pad with effects.
15. Mood Time
Serene, elegant. Three tenor sax dialogue in counterpoint style. Swing improvisations in the middle.
16. Blues for Four
Funny theme for saxophones in a funky-blues arrangement alternated with descending harmonies and elegant solos.
17. Shadows
full version
Ethereal, dreamy. Refined theme for tenor sax on a suspended and slightly tensive pad.
18. Shadows
solo sax version
Solo tenor sax version.
19. Anatole
Happy, elegant. Swinging theme for solo saxophone. At 0'51'' a sax section supports the theme in fifties style.
20. Police Run
Detective, psychological. Blues theme for two tenor sax. Free improvisation for solo sax in the middle.
21. Low Lights
full version
Theme in a sixties ''Night Club'' style with refined improvisations for tenor sax and double bass accompaniment.
22. Low Lights
solo sax version
Solo tenor sax version.
23. Sweet Duo
The piece starts with a romantic and soft theme for two saxophones. At 0'55'' becomes more rhythmic with solos and improvisations until 2'05''. Then quiet and placid as the beginning.
25. Sailor's Tale
full version
Evocative and melancholic theme for tenor sax on a pedal pad.
26. Sailor's Tale
solo sax version
Solo tenor sax version.