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18 Tracks
1. Infernal Galop
Agitated, insistent. A psychedelic sequencer over an obsessive and pulsating rhythm in the "experimental music" style of the 1970s.
3. Dangerous
Gloomy, ominous. Rarefied percussion on a static drone. Eerie and suspenseful atmosphere.
4. Ad Inferos
Pressing, disquieting. Nervous synth clusters and suspended effects on a continuous pulsing rhythm.
5. Segno di Fuoco
Abstract, kaleidoscopic. Disquieting synth phrases with electronic effects and rarefied rhythms.
11. Caronte
Creepy, mysterious. Texture with suspended sequencing, rarefied synth notes and light percussive effects.
13. Dalle Sirene
Disquieting, mysterious. Synth and effects imitating the sound of sirens over rarefied percussion and sequencer patterns.
14. Diabolic Love
Ominous, disturbing. Rarefied and evocative piano theme over insistent and disquieting percussion.
16. La Forgia
Dramatic, disquieting. Mysterious synths and somber piano notes on a rarefied atmosphere.