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20 Tracks
2. Smoke
Cool, determined. Keyboard themes with a funky electric guitar riff over a lively and resolute Eighties beat.
5. Magic Door
Positive, determined. Keyboards, piano, synth and electric guitar over a strong Eighties funky beat.
8. Red and Black
Lively and dynamic tune in Eighties style over a strong Pop-Rock rhythm. Hammond organ and guitar solos
9. Emergency
Positive, assertive. Keyboards and sequencer over a strong, fast beat. At 1'37'' electric guitar solo.
10. Downtown
Cool, positive. Eighties Pop-Rock tune with a flowing rhythm in a carefree and exotic atmosphere.
14. Robot'n'Roll
Positive, technological. Eighties Rock'n'Roll tune in a robotic and futuristic atmosphere.
17. Poseidon
Commemorative, broad. Sequencer, electronics and piano phrases in an involving Soundtrack atmosphere.
18. Blue Falcon
Dynamic, powerful. Keyboard phrases over an iterative sequencer on a strong Eighties "Electro-Pop'' beat.
19. Woobinda
Carefree, serene. Moderate and flowing mood over a Latin rhythm in a tropical and exotic atmosphere.