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22 Tracks
3. Florianopolis
Bright, dynamic. Light-hearted tune over a lively rhythm in a joyful and festive atmosphere.
6. American Promenade
Light-hearted, bright. Frisky and carefree theme by guitar in a childishly joyful atmosphere.
10. Happy Hammond
Carefree, fun. Graceful and light-hearted themes by Hammond organ over a jumpy rhythm.
14. Rue des fleurs
Happy, flowing. Serene and driving theme by flute and Hammond organ over a Latin rhythm.
15. Trumpet Baroque
Elegant, polite. Grotesque theme for trumpet in a bizarre baroque atmosphere alternated with jazzy sounds.
16. Ghibli Song
Dynamic, animated. Lively and detective-movie style theme by flute and vibraphone in a comic and grotesque atmosphere.
17. Dona Rica
Carefree and elegant themes by vibraphone and guitar over a Latin groove creating a dance atmosphere.
18. The Castle
Elegant, carefree. Bizarre mix between ceremonial and childish atmospheres alternating with a virtuosic jazz session.
19. S. Pedro
Fun, captivating. Light-hearted theme by trumpet with guitar accompaniment over a Latin rhythm.
21. Wellington
Classical theme by trumpet alternating with a bright jazz accompaniment over a lively swinging rhythm.