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24 Tracks
2. L'uomo e l'acciaio
Agitated, obsessive. Pulsating sequencer with ominous and tense effects in a mechanical atmosphere.
4. L'ultima ora del killer
Determined, powerful. Acid sequencer in a funky Seventies style with disquieting synth chords.
5. Le due facce del tempo
Gloomy, creepy. Suspense and fear. Mysterious and disturbing synth with frightening effects.
12. Scontro fratricida
Disturbing, pressing. Nervous phrases by clavinet over insistent percussion and gun shot effects.
13. Convergono le armate
Dramatic and tense war atmosphere. Pressing percussion, resolute piano clusters and ominous effects.
14. Si addensa la minaccia
Suspense and fear. Ominous and creepy pad intro, then insistent and thrilling synth and sequencer.
15. Dramma incombente
Creepy and terrifying atmosphere. Dramatic clusters by harpischord over an insistent piano background.
16. Ultime barricate
Dramatic, sinister. Atmosphere of war. Nervous synth phrases over insistent and gloomy percussion and gun shot effects.
17. Strategia nazista
Dramatic, threatening. Pressing and martial piano clusters in a tense warlike atmosphere.
19. Stukas su Londra
Dramatic, tense. Atmosphere of war. Nervous piano phrases over martial percussion, gun shots and alarm effects.
21. Triste Ballata del 43
fast version
Dramatic theme on an insistent arpeggio by clavinet and continous percussion hits.
22. Triste Ballata del 43
slow version
Dramatic synth theme over expressive and tense piano clusters.
23. Triste Ballata del 43
arpeggio version
Melancholic, desolate. Evocative and contemplative theme by synth over insistent and dramatic piano arpeggios.
24. Triste Ballata del 43
static version
Dark and gloomy atmosphere. Sad synth theme over pad and drum rolls.