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18 Tracks
1. Galassia M 81
Commemorative, broad. Ethereal synth phrases over an evocative pad and a sparse sequencer.
2. Angelo di mare
Psychological, abstract. Synth phrases with suspended effects over sparse cymbals.
5. Feu Baroque
Elegant, epic. Commemorative themes by electronics in a contamination between modern sounds and a baroque style.
6. Eros Stars
Astral, ethereal. Harmonic succession of static and enveloping pads with a magical and spatial atmosphere.
7. Horizon
Elegant, seductive. Contamination between electronics and acoustic sounds in a sentimental ballad.
8. Via Lattea
Evocative, sentimental. Nostalgic theme by synth over a delicate arpeggio with an astral atmosphere.
11. Castle Night
Psychedelic, disturbing. Synth effects over a repetitive sequencer and sparse percussion.
12. Venere
Commemorative, magical. A sparse synth over a celestial pad and iterative sequencer with an astral atmosphere.
13. Saturno
Technological and scientific atmosphere. Synth phrases over an insistent and robotic sequencer.
15. Stella nova
Spacious and positive themes by synth and electronics with a commemorative atmosphere.