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16 Tracks
1. Idleness
Dynamic, cool. An involving Electro-Funky tune using synth and piano in an Eighties style.
2. Giovani giovani
Positive, purposeful. Energetic and danceable Eighties tune in a Fusion style.
4. Aranciata
Elegant Fusion tune by synth and electronics with an urban atmosphere over a flowing Eighties rhythm.
8. Microcosm
Elegant and dynamic tune with a metropolitan atmosphere in an Eighties Disco-Dance style.
9. Ballo in pista
Cool and glamourous tune by synth and electronics with an Eighties Dance-Fusion arrangement.
10. Flush
Bright Eighties Funky mood with synth and Hammond organ over sax riffs and a flowing rhythm.
11. Bomber
Vibraphone, synth and guitar over a flowing rhythm in a typical Eighties Fusion mood with a glamourous atmosphere.
12. Fluctuation
Dynamic, brilliant. Synth, Hammond organ and guitar over a psychedelic sequencer and a frisky rhythm in a Fusion style.
13. Col chiodo
Cool and positive Eighties mood over a flowing Funky rhythm with a metropolitan atmosphere.
15. Sabato sera
Elegant Fusion tune by synth, guitar and electronics over a flowing rhythm with a typical Eighties arrangement.
16. New Sprint
Dynamic and brilliant Electro-Funky tune in an Eighties style over a strong beat.